Playlist For The Latest Show
Maschine Brennt - Backspace
The Frixion - What Is Love
Am Tierpark - Song For Us
Equatronic - When Stars Collide
Sound Tessellated - With You
Frozen Nation - Give Me The Perfect Song
Machine Made Pleasure - Drive Away
Mr Jones Machine - I Live For Your Kiss
Maschine Brennt - Sistema
Kretz - Mechanical Men (Neon Remix)
Vogon Poetry - Dangers Of Space
Vaylon - Decay (Blackwing Remix)
Cult With No Name - I Don't Fear The Reaper (Just Don't Want To Meet her)
A Million Machines - Absence Without Leave
Frida Sundemo - Keep An Eye On Me
VV303 Ft MY.COSMO - Earth Stood Still (Nature Of Wires Remix)
L.A.D - Dance Floor
Am Tierpark - Cherry Blossom
Machine Made Pleasure - Life Is Calling
Maschine Brennt - I Want To Be Human

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