Playlist For The Latest Show
Niels Gordon - Voyage Dans La Nuit
(G+√āteborgselektronikerna Remix)
Exciting valence - It's Never To Late
Exposed Brick - Pain (Reflections)
Uncreated - Evolve
VNV Nation - Armour
Sister Electra Ft Helm - When Romance Dies
The Grey Disorder - Rain
Dark Vektor Vs Pablo Leon - Ace Of SBass
Fused (feat Stephen Newton) - Love In Itself (7 Inch Mix)
Turning Keys - Soul To Your Heart
GJART - Superstar
Kevin Lux - Clock Law
ATK.VCTRS - We Are Neon
Exciting Valence - Land Of Tomorrow
Analogue Electronic Whatever - Mickey's On Drugs
Datapop - Heliograph (Remake Of Metroland Sunwriting)
Graveyard Club - Witchcraft
Darwinmcd Ft Eric C Powell & Andrea Powell - Click

(Purple Rose Organic Mix)
!Distain - Letter To Myself
Frozen Plasma - Safe. Dead. Harm.
Projekt Ich - Es Ist Wahr ft. Michael Draw (Tragic Impulse Remix)
Uncreated - In This world (Evolving Remix)
The Grey Disorder - Feel Like I Feel
VNV Nation - When Is The Future
Vogon Poetry - Spacewalk (Nature Of Wires Remix)
ATK.VCTRS - Our Night Drive
Eric C. Powell - True
Sister Electra Ft Louise Marchione - In Dreams
Exciting Valence - Found And Lost
Kevin Lux - Obvious

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