Playlist For The Latest Show
Empathy Test - Here Is The Place
Black Nail Cabaret - Lorraine
Halo Effect - So Hard To Sleep At Night
Maschine Brennt - Electric Music (V2)
Vogon Poetry - Super Hero Powers

(Side Order Radio Edit Redux)
Shiny Darkness - Get Out
Marsheaux - Loss Of Heaven
Logic & Olivia - Night Of Despair
Future Perfect - Fragile
Peter Wilson - Every Little Bit Of My Heart
The Stir Fry Pop Star - Pray Now (Nature Of Wires Remix)
Parralox - Universe I Love You
Social Station - Try (Red This Ever Remix)
Technomancer - Puppets

(Technomancer & Angst Pop Ft Stephan Groth)
Rodney Cromwell - Barbed Wire
Halo Effect - I Never Meant To Hurt
Kirlian Camera - Edges
Sector One - The Operation

(Gary Hunter's Dark Vektor 7 Inch Mix)
Empathy Test - Walk Right Out

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